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Anniversary Projects

National Register of Historic Places
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Calendar of Suggested Events for the
250th Anniversary of Hampshire County
that are still not planned.

  • month??, day?? Symposium on West Virginia Colonial History
  • month??, day?? - day?? Hampshire County Historic Homes Tour
  • month??, day?? River Fest: Studying and Preserving our Watersheds
  • month??, day?? Hampshire County Arts & Craft Show in Charleston with reception for Governor.
  • month??, day?? - day?? Hampshire County Photo Archive session
  • September 27, 2004 Dedicate memorial to men killed at the Defeat of Captain William Foreman at "McMechen Narrows" between the sites of Wheeling and Moundsville, West Virginia, on September 27, 1777
  • month??, day?? - day?? Literary Society commemoration
  • month??, day?? - day?? Recognition of new National Register listings
  • month??, day?? Christmas in Romney Candlelight Tour & Carolling (see Dec. 23 below)


Can we find some
interesting artifacts?


Important dates for anniversary events:
   (listed by month)

Feb. 4, 1819 The Polemic Society of Romney established.
March 26 (25), 1748 James Genn begins survey of Fairfax lands with young George Washington.
April 2, 1754 GW leaves Alexandria for Ft. Necessity, by way of Ft. Edwards and Pearsall's [Fitz p. 73; Abbot I p. 84]
April 22, 1756 Col. Washington writes of Mr. Paris engaging small band of Indians on North River and killing French officer (document in Richmond - Va. Hist. Soc.)
May, 1994 Founding of Hampshire County Arts Council (10th anniversary)
May 18, 1861 the Hampshire Guards and the Frontier Riflemen leave Romney to join other Virginia regiments at Harpers Ferry
May 26, 1748 Joseph Edwards received land grant for 400 acres on Great Cacapehon
June 1, 1866 first dedication ceremony for Civil War graves
June, Francis Asbury crosses Cacapon on first visit to Hampshire County; stayed at William Rannells before traveling to Richard Williams, June 7, 1781
June 11, 1755 First Court record, Archibald Wagner, clerk [MS 271]
June 11, 1861 Union General Lew Wallace captures Romney for the first time.
June 30, 1758 Washington visits Pearsall's on his way to join Gen. Forbes for expedition against Fort Desquene [H.H. 33]
Sept. 1, 1884 the B & O Railroad opens 16.29 miles of track from Green Spring to Romney [R.Bicent]
September 26, 1867 dedication of Confederate Memorial
September 27, 1777 Defeat of Captain William Foreman at "McMechen Narrows" between the sites of Wheeling and Moundsville, West Virginia
October 9-10, 1770 George Washington's last visit to Romney
Dec. 12, 1787 Watson established; later became Capon Springs
Dec. 12, 1824 first Presbyterian Church dedicated by Dr. William Henry Foote on lots 59 & 60 at corner of High Street and Gravel Lane [R.Bicent]
Dec. 16, 1790 Town of Springfield established
Dec. 23, 1762, Governor signs bill establishing Romney

     date of first school (or Romney Academy)
     date of first Literary Society Meeting

Note: some of these dates are designed to tie in with the 250th Anniversary of the French and Indian War.


Some suggested anniversary activities include:

  • Ask Governor to declare May 1st as "Hampshire County Day" in West Virginia
  • Design County Seal
  • Histories: County, Communities, Persons, Churches, Organizations, Schools, Sites
    •    Oral Histories
    •    Written Histories
    •    Photographic Histories
  • Symposium on Hampshire County History
  • Cemetery Survey and cleanup
  • Historic Sites Survey
  • Find, mark and memorialize lost locations
  • Install new and repair old Historic Markers
  • Tours of Historic Properties
  • Veterans Memorial (F. & I. War)
  • School Social Studies Fair to highlight County History
  • Symposium on land use and preservation in the county
  • Antique show (highlight Hampshire County produced items)
  • Reenactments of important County events
    •    George Washington Surveying
    •    Battle of Great Cacapehon
    •    Raising the Hampshire Guards
    •    Stonewall Jackson in Hampshire County
    •    First meeting of Literary Society
    •    John Cornwell elected Governor
  • Creation of an atlas of maps showing historic sites
    • Old homes
    • Cemeteries
    • Orchards & Businesses
    • Fort sites
    • Migration patterns
    • Schools
  • Veterans organizations to honor County veterans killed in action
  • Sunday tours of County Churches
  • River Fest celebrating the part rivers played in our history

This is a list of some activities that various organizations might like to sponsor for our Anniversary celebration. We are open to more suggestions of activites and projects that highlight the heritage of West Virginia's oldest county.


You may contact the Committee by email:
     Contact us
updated: 4/13/04