Apple Crates & Labels of Hampshire County

One of the few reminders of the once apple crategreat apple industry of Hampshire County are the branded apple crates. Each orchard usually had their own bushel apple crates branded on the handle end with the orchare name. These are now collector's items in the antique market.We also include some labels and bushel basket tops. A few of the crates are from surrounding areas.

If you know of a name we do not have, please contact us so we can arrange to get a photograph. Thank you.

We thank Dan's Antiques in Augusta for assistance in getting photos for this page. See note on Isaac Lewis at bottom of page.


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Apple Crates

Sunshine Orchard, Romney


Box Manufacturers



Fruit labels

Aerial Brand label of Phoenix Orchard


We appreciate the generous cooperation of Isaac Lewis, our local agricultural historian and teacher, for allowing us to photograph his apple crate collection and for sharing information on the fruit and farming industries in Hampshire County. We look forward to his giving some public presentations on the subjects in the not too distant future. Photo below shows part of his collection in the back of the old Hampshire Co-op, now the Heritage Marketplace.

Isaac Lewis with part of his apple crate collection