Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County

Old Hefflebower Estate in Hampshire Co., W.Va.

Formerly the Lowery property now known as Farms of the River development

Photograph said to have been taken 1876 to 1880. Note on back written by Ed Cooper states, "Mother's old home place at Capon Bridge, W.Va. Boys on fence Don & Edwin."

   This property was originally granted to David Edwards on March 30, 1750; he was the son of Joseph Edwards who had a French and Indian War fort just to the south west. Later Col. Poston owned the land and maintained a ferry for a while a the bend of the river southwest of the main house. In 1823 Charles Carlyle (died 1849) lived on the property and several of his family are buried in the cemetery including William Carlyle (ca. 1730-1831) for whom there is no stone. He was quoted in Samuel Kercheval's history as being a resident of the area. David Hefflebower purchased the property in 1842 (Hampshire County Deed Book 46, page 65); it is said that he built the original brick house in 1842, but this has not been verified.

   The family genealogy states that David Hefflebower was killed either by horse thieves or by Union soldiers when he refused to give up a horse on May 20th, 1863. He is buried in the family cemetery on the property. Others buried in the cemetery include Mary A., wife of David Hefflebower; Samuel, son of David and Mary Hefflebower; and former property owners William Carlyle, Charles Carlyle (died 1849) and his wife, Ann.

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The mansion is WV SHPO inventory #/HM-0646
The cemetery is #HM-0647


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