Indian Mound Cemetery Association

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The Indian Mound Cemetery Company was formed in 1860 when David Gibson deeded approximately five acres to the Indian Mound Cemetery Company for use as a burial place for white people. In 1925 the old Company and original section of the cemetery were assumed into the Indian Mound Cemetery Association which had purchased five acres from H. C. Cooper adjoining the original section along its northern boundary.

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Deeds Related to the Cemetery and to the vicinity of the Memorial Historic Site

IRS listing: 55-0201396 Indian Mound Cemetery Assn Romney WV United States
West Virginia registration downloaded from:

Indian Mound Cemetery Association    Book 130 page 202
Chartered: August 25, 1925 Continues perpetually
Principal Office: Romney, W. Va.

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The Agreement of Incorporation lists the purposes as:

  • To buy and own land for cemetery purposes
  • To sell and convey lots or plots of ground for burial purposes
  • To do all other things necessary for the maintenance of a cemetery or burial ground in Hampshire County, West Virginia

G. W. Parsons, T. E. Pownall, B. T. Racey, V. H.[or M] Poling, F. L. Harmison, G. W. Billmyer, J. S. Kuykendall [last page with signatures is dated 21, Aug. 1925 - but 1932 was originally shown but is scratched out, perhaps because the notary's commission expired in 1932.]

Change from Indian Mound Cemetery Company

Sometime around 1928 the new corporation took over the assets of the Indian Mound Cemetery Company. Part of that documentation is in Deed Book 91, Page 371.


Romney Municipal Boundary

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Drawing of 1909 survey of the municipal boundary of the Town of Romney showing the original part of the cemetery lying outside of the town limits.

Photos Album

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If you have any documents or photographs concerning the Indian Mound Cemetery or the Confederate Monument which would be of help in our getting this important Hampshire County site on the National Register of Historic Places, please contact us send to or the Hampshire County Historic Landmarks Commission (304-822-7018)!



  • May 31, 1860 David Gibson deeds property for Indian Mound Cemetery to the Indian Mound Cemetery Company.
  • June 1, 1866 First decoration ceremony of Confederate graves in Indian Mound Cemetery.
  • September 26, 1867 First Confederate Memorial dedicated to Confederate dead at Indian Mound Cemetery in Romney. [Note: see Maxwell & Swisher, p. 693; article in The Confederate Veteran (v. 19, p. 373) magazine attributed to Mrs. Robert White, first President of the Memorial Association, says the day was the 28th which was a Saturday.]
  • August 25, 1925 The Indian Mound Cemetery Association is chartered.
  • June 5, 1928 The Indian Mound Cemetery Association, owner of the new northern section of the cemetery assumes the land and assets of the Indian Mound Cemetery Company which owns the original southern section. There is now one Association which owns/operates the entire Cemetery.
  • January 1972 The iron gate is remodeled