Indian Mound Cemetery Listing

Instructions and Disclaimer

We thank the Board of Trustees of Indian Mound Cemetery for sharing the data collected by Matthew Ward of Delray, West Virginia, during his Eagle Scout project to survey this historic cemetery. We congratulate Matthew Ward on undertaking such a complex project. Historical Societies with many members often struggle to complete such a project. However, there are some things that you should know when using this listing.

Please note that we appreciate corrections and constructive suggestions. If you have complaints, they should be buried in the next available open gravesite or thrown over the cliff.

If you or your organization wish to do a similar project for a Hampshire County cemetery, please contact us. We will not expect to use any listing that is not pre-approved. Any project should be done with the expectation that is can be easily formatted for various presentations or uses. We will gladly supply a spreadsheet format to help with this requirement.

Matthew Ward and his sister completing the survey of gravestones.