Interesting People in Indian Mound Cemetery

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1. Gate
2. Parsons Bell Tower- Oldest Stone 1785 SW Initials - people no necessarily buried here
3. Confederate Unknowns
4. Confederate Memorial
5. George Preston Marshall
6. Dr. S.R. Luton 1827-1880, Wife Lizzie; in this area: Parson, Blues, Nicoles Corey
7. Davis sisters
8. Cooper
9. Crabtree
10. Old stones from Presbyterian Cemetery on S. High & Gravel Ln. (bodies may not have been relocated although some families did move their relatives)
11. Dr. William Henry Foote 1C 37.03
12. James Armstrong
13. Rev. John Jeremiah Jacob 1757-1839 and Gov. Jacobs
14. David Gibson
15. Maude Pugh
16. C. White
17. J.J. Cornwell
17.a.) Howard H. Johnson
18. Gibbons ++
19. Blue, J(?) SE of Cornwell
20. Sheared, Naylor, McDonald
21. Kumps
22. Woodmen of World Life Insurance Society (part of their life insurance policies)