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Kale Family Cemetery, Capon Bridge, WV.

Lat:3915.305N; Lon:07827.571W.

Located South of Capon Bridge on the River Rd. toward Yellow Springs. Drive about 4 miles South on the River Rd. until you come to the first sharp left hand turn in the road. You will see a large stone house on the right, the Old Baker Homestead. Behind the house is a small dirt road that leads to a locked gate. Park on this road and the cemetery is on the right side of the road in the grove of trees.

I don't remember where I got the list of the people in this cemetery. Most of these stones I couldn't find due to the condition of this cemetery. But I did find some of the names to verify that it was in fact the Kale Family Cemetery.

  • Ann Arnold: buried Jul 23.
  • Elizabeth Arnold: died 1812.
  • J. Arnold: buried Sep 1805.
  • Felix Good.
  • Margareth Anna Good.
  • E.C. Kale: died 1796.
  • E.N. Kale: died 1781.
  • Ann Kale Grove: died Jun 1, 1800; "wife of Philip Grove".
  • J. Kale: died Jul 26, 1797; "aged 71 yrs".
  • Ann Rebeck: died 1805.
  • Jane Pugh: died 1792.
  • Litte Megran: died 1792.
  • Several field stones.

    This cemetery will be non-existing in the next 10 to 20 years. This is a very old cemetery and will need a fence soon or this cemetery will be lost to time and cattle.


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