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Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Romney, WV.

The cemetery is now the parking lot for the Romney Volunteer Fire Department on the southwest corner of Gravel Lane and High Street. The lot was leveled in the 1930s; only a few headstones were moved to Indian Mound Cemetery.

At the Indian Mound Cemetery, there was 16 stones neatly lined up to two rolls in the back of the cemetery. In the middle of these stones was a large stone tilted on it's side with the following inscription: "Sacred to the memory of all those whose remains lie in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery situated on High St. and Gravel Lane the markers of whose grave were removed to this plot, July 1941."

  • William Naylor.
  • Eliza, the wife of the Rev. O. Parkison.
  • John McDowell.
  • William Sherrard.
  • Susan consort of J. B. Sherrard.
  • two wives of David Gibson.
  • Dr. Robert Newman.
  • the sister of an English baronet.
  • John Baker White, Jr.
  • Louisa Aloinda, (the wife of John B. White, Sr.)
  • Mrs. Mary Blair.
  • Thomas Blair.
  • his mother.
  • Wm. Mulledy.
  • Wm J. Armstrong.
  • J. B. Kercheval.
  • A. W. McDowell.
  • Mrs. Wm. Armstrong and her daughter-in-law Capt. Adam Heiskell (Rev. War).
  • Chris. Heiskell.
  • Mrs. Eliz Fitzgerald (Mammy Betsey).
  • John Jack and his wife, and his sons, James and Carlton, and his daughter Juliet.
  • Mary, the grand niece of Lord Fairfax.
  • Margaret Black.
  • pauper's grave.
  • John and William Endler, and the old lady "Mammy" Endler.
  • Ragland, the lawyer.
  • Craig Woodrow.
  • Col. Woodrow (once County Clerk) and Andrew, his son, and other members of that family.
  • James Dailey.
  • strangers' graves.
  • Blackman.
  • Geo. Porterfield.
  • Eliza Wilson Foote.
  • Nathaniel Kuykendall.
  • Peter Peters.
  • Mr. Joseph Combs.
  • poor Nelly and her babe.
  • Eli Davis; his wife sleeps by his side: also a son and grand-children.
  • Steinbeck.
  • Mrs. McGuire -- the mother of the second wife of Wm. Naylor; her son, Samuel McGuire and his wife, a daughter of Woodrow.
  • Mrs. Sallie, the wife of Felix Davis.
  • Mary M., (wife of Wm. S. Naylor), she lies here with a babe by her side.
  • Miss Charity Johnson.
  • Dr. Snyder, the physician.
  • Dr. Dyer (who was removed from his first grave).
  • Mrs. Kitty, (wife of James Vance; by the side of her first husband, Mr. Jacob Heiskell).
  • Samuel Heiskell, and his son Adam.
  • Elizabeth, (wife of F. W. Heiskell, daughter of Christopher Heiskell).
  • Granny Fitsgerald.
  • Mrs. Cherry.
  • Jas. McDonald.
  • George Y. Houser.
  • Mrs. Susan, (wife of Otho W. Heiskell, of Wheeling).
  • Mrs. Rachael, (wife of Capt. George Leps); her two daughters, Susan and Bettie.
  • Mr. Josiah Samuel; two little grandchildren lie with him.
  • John Barker.
  • Chichester Tapscott lies by his sister, Mrs. White.
  • LLoyd Rawlings.
  • the stranger, Wood, (a relative of Mrs. Blair).
  • Margaret Moreland rests with her infants.
  • Mr. John Friddle.
  • Mr. Busby.
  • Betty Evans.
  • Mrs. Kitty Cookus.
  • David Griffith, by his side rests his wife.
  • Catharine (daughter of John Endler, and wife of John W. Marshall).
  • Mrs. Kitty Kirk, rests with her son and her little grandchildren.

    Names have been taken from an article in The Hampshire Review ??/??1871 and April 14, 1871.

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