Historic Hampshire County, WV

West Virginia's Oldest County

Events & Festivities in Hampshire County


    North River Mills Day:   A late Saturday in May


   The Fort Edwards Colonial Feast:  Saturday nearest April 18th.


The Colonial Feast is a community pot luck dinner sponsored by The Fort Edwards Foundation in commemoration of the Battle of Great Cacapehon on April 18, 1756. Everyone is encouraged to bring a colonial style dish and to dress in Colonial attire in support of the work of the Foundation and in honor of those who died during the French and Indian War in Hampshire County. This year the Colonial Feast is on Saturday, April 21, 2001 at the Fire Hall in Capon Bridge, WV. Below are some pictures of past feasts.

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    Confederate Memorial Day, 1st weekend in June

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cw-markr.jpgConfederate Memorial Days commemorates those who suffered and died in Hampshire County during the Civil War. Hampshire County, which was largely southern in its sympathies, was one of the first communities to devote a day to memorializing their lost in the devastating war. The memorial to the Confederate dead in Indian Mound Cemetery is thought to be the first Confederate memorial raised after the war. Today the celebration honors those of both sides who gave their lives in the war and recalls the sacrifice all citizens paid during this period of our history.
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Hampshire Family Frontier Day

Children playing checkersis the opening day event for the Fort Edwards Foundation's summer season on the last Saturday in June. This newly redesigned event, based upon our earlier Farm Day and Childrens' Day, celebrates our county's early frontier days. Demonstrations and exhibits highlight life in Hampshire County during the eighteenth century as settlers moved to this frontier to settle amd make a better life for their families. For Further information go to: www.FamilyFrontierDay.org.


    Hampshire Heritage Days, 1st weekend after Labor Day
Please note that Heritage Days has been suspended and has been replaced by Hampshire Fest; see below. Check back for information on new developments.


Hampshire Fest is the replacement for Heritage Days for the foreseeable future. It is the first weekend after Labor Day. [September 10-12, 2010]
Information: http://www.hampshireheritagefest.com


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