Historic Hampshire County, WV
West Virginia's Oldest County


National Register of Historic Places

Items Necessary for Application

In addition to the National Register of Historic Places registration form the National Register and the WV State Historic Preservation Office also require:

  • Two sets of black and white photographs (refer to page 63 and 64 of the Bulletin for basic photograph requirements)
    • representative image of the resource
    • representative images of the overall property (including additional contributing resources)
    • significant interior images (not necessary for Historic Districts)

Note: Photographs must be archival quality. Digital images can not be accepted as the only photo documentation (they can only be submitted as supplemental to archival black and white photos).
      Fujicolor Crystal Archive film can not be accepted
      Photos should be 8x10 inches (preferably), a minimum of 3 ˝ x 5 inches.

  • Slides of the property are required for presentation to the Archives and History Commission; submit representative images similar to black and white images
  • Floor plans
    • submit floor plans of significant floors (not required for Historic Districts)
    • plans may be hand drawn, but must include "not to scale"
    • include north arrow
    • include name of property, county, and state on plans
  • USGS map (maps can be obtained by calling the USGS in Morgantown, (304)549-2331)
  • Sketch map or site plan (plans may be hand drawn, if not to scale include "not to scale") to include:
    • building footprint(s) (note contributing and noncontributing status on map)
    • general features of the surrounding landscape (streams and roads)
    • exterior photograph vantage points
    • clearly delineated boundary
    • north arrow
    • include name of property, county, and state on site plan
  • Owner notification information
    • For single properties, must include
      • Owner’s name
      • Owner’s phone number(s)
      • Owner’s primary mailing address
    • For historic districts
      • Contact WV SHPO for specific requirements

It is the preparers responsibility to provide the SHPO with the current owner’s name and contact information. The tax rolls must be researched for current information.

Note: Final version must be provided in hard or paper copy and electronic version; complete registration form is available in Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect format.

For Historic Districts, use the following format for Section 7 of the nomination:

  • site number (if one assigned), address, property name
  • date:
  • description:
  • contributing status
In addition to individual building descriptions for Section 7, see page 33 of the National Register Bulletin for additional information that should be included in this section.
All resources, contributing and noncontributing, need to be described in Section 7.


Please note: This information is presented here for your assistance. You should get a copy of the SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) (phone: (304)558-0220 ex 712 - Alan Rowe)requirements from the WV SHPO or the Hampshire250 committee. We can not be responsible for any omissions on this web site. Also check the National Register of Historic Places web site for current publications on the application process.


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