Restoring our History

Sites Restored or Being Restored
in Hampshire County


The National Bank Building on Main Street (2016)

The Johnson Barn in Bloomery (2015)

Sherrard/Johnson Barn in Bloomery
Click for article (2015).

Restored Yellow Springs Mill

We congratulate Mr. Seldon and the folks in Yellow Springs
who worked so hard to restore the mill.

Yellow Springs Mill before restoration

The Mill at Yellow Springs, Hampshire County, WV The large steel water wheel at the Yellow Spring mill.


The George W. Washington Home

George W. Washington home on the South Branch

For information on this restoration go to George W. Washington house restoration.

Wilson-Wodrow-Mytinger House

The Mytinger House in Romney is one of our best examples of historic preservation.
We show here just a few photos from the long process or restoration and repair.

Click on the collapsed chimney to see the restoration.
coming project
We are hopeful that work will soon begin on replacing the
wood shingles in the roof of the two smaller buildings.