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Elizabeth Deane Lyons Family Tree

  1 James Lyons b. 12-Oct-1801 d. 18-Dec-1882; m. 16-Jan-1822 Henningham Codrington Carrington Watkins d. 51-___-19 ? m.(2) c. 1861 Imogen Bradfute Penn b. 27-Oct-1834 d. 9-Jul-1901. James Lyons was a prominent Richmond lawyer. He was the son of Dr. James Lyons who was the son of Judge Peter Lyons.
    2 Peter Lyons, MD. b. cir __-__-1838 d. Jul-1881; m. 22-Apr-1862 Adeline Abbott Deane, (daughter of Dr. Francis Henry Deane) b. 4-Aug-1842 d. 21-Aug-1905. Peter Lyons was a doctor who served in the Confederate Army.
       3 Elizabeth "Lizzie" Deane Lyons b. 1862 ?? d. 13-Jul-1920; m. 11-Dec-1894 Claude Augustus Swanson b. 31-Mar-1862 d. 7-Jul-1939
       3 Adeline "Pink" H. Lyons b. 31-Dec-1864 d. 1911 m. Henry P. Bohmer, Jr.
       3 Lucy "Lulie" Lyons b. 2-Jan-1866 d. 17-Jul-1953; m. 1903 Cunningham Hall b. 7-Jan-1858 d. 22-Apr-1914; m(2). 1923 Claude Augustus Swanson b. 31-Mar-1862 d. 7-Jul-1939
          4 Douglas Deane Hall b. 7-Aug-1905 d. 1-Sep-1986 m. 5-May-1939 Martha Larrick Conley b. 4-Feb-1911


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