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Indian Mound Cemetery

Introduction and Index


History of Indian Mound Cemetery

Indian Mound Cemetery stands on the edge of the bluff overlooking the South Branch valley on the west end of the town of Romney. The Cemetery takes its name from a Hopewellian Indian Mound near the entrance. It is the largest and most historic cemetery in Hampshire County and the oldest existant cemetery in Romney. The two earliest cemeteries were destroyed many years ago.

On May 31, 1860, David Gibson conveyed to the Indian Mound Cemetery Company the land on which the oldest section of the cemetery stands. The original plan had two separate plots; one was Indian Mound Cemetery on the top of the bluff; the other was the African American cemetery located below Indian Mound along Rt. 50 and now known as Mt. Pisgah Cemetery.

Eagle Scout Project to Map the Cemetery

In November 2010 Matthew Ward completed an Eagle Scout project to map the cemetery and photograph all the gravestones. This is the only project of its kind in our County, and Matthew deserves our gratitude for undertaking such an important and arduous task. We are grateful for his work and the fact that we can present it here on The original project was not done with the intent of making it available on the Internet, so there are still some technical problems that are being remedied. We hope that all the photographs will be available in the not too distant future. The listing provided by Matthew is found through the four links below. There are approximately 2500 names, so it had to be divided into several parts.

Listing of Graves - still under construction

Indian Mound Cemetery is the largest in Hampshire County. Therefore, it has been divided up into Sections for easier locating of gravesites. The map to the right shows the sections; click on the map for a larger version that you can print and make notes on. Since the list is so long it had to be broken up into several parts. Below is an index of the alphabetical listing.

Please note that the "Position" of each grave is given in a number that indicates first what section the grave is in and then what row it occupies.

The list is broken into four separate files:
   Lastnames: A - C
   Lastnames: D - K
   Lastnames: L - P
   Lastnames: Q - Z
NOTE: Only photos for Section 1 are available and some of those are missing.

The Confederate Memorial

Click here to learn about the first Confederate Memorial.

The Parsons Stone Bell Tower

Standing sentry at the entrance of Indian Mound Cemetery is a stone bell tower built in 1925 at the behest of Edwin Jacobs in memory of his grandparents, James Gregg Parsons and Catherine Forman Casey Parsons. The tower was built by the family of W. W. Keister who were experienced local stone masons. William, the father, worked with his son, Hubert, his brother, Ira, and Ira's son, Lelan. The Keisters built a number of stone edifaces in Hampshire County including the stone fountain at Pin Oak, the fountain at the spring on Rt. 50 on the west slope of Cooper Mountain as well as several grave monuments in local cemeteries. They also built some stone walls and a porch in Romney.

Further information on this cemetery may be found in Hampshire County, West Virginia, 1754-2004, published by the Hampshire County 250th Anniversary Committee.
Information on the Parsons Bell Tower and the Keister family may be found in an article in the Hampshire Review, July 21, 1993, page 12.

The Photo Album

Click here to see photographs of the cemetery.


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