National Register of Historic Places

Sites in Hampshire County


There are presently twenty seven Hampshire County properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of the our hopes is to get more of the county's historic properties on the national listing. In support of this project to increase the county's number of listed sites, is showing the listed properties here. We are also providing information on how to apply to get a property listed.

Round BarnWe regret that one of the properties that was listed, the Round Barn on the South Branch within view of the Trough, is gone. Age and the elements finally got the better of it. Please understand that listing on the National Register is no guarentee of preservation. Listing affords some opportunities to get tax breaks for certain uses or to get some protection from Federal encroachment. It also increases publicNRHP photo of barn exposure for those who might try to get private funding for preservation. In West Virginia there are few restrictions on property use or destruction.

Below you will find links to the currently listed properties. Hopefully, as we celebrate our two-hundred and fiftieth annivesary everyone will gain a greater appreciation of our historic sites and strive to preserve them. We encourage owners to take the steps to get their historic property listed for the benefit of the community and of future generations.


    Sites on the National Register

The link for the property is to the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office web site listing the official application in pdf format. Note: these applications are as they were forwarded to the Dept. of the Interior; there is no certification of acceptance shown on them.

 Historic District:

  Capon Springs Resort, Capon Springs (11/12/93)    Photo Album
       North River Mills Historic District, Cold Stream Rd. (5/04/11)  N. R. M. web pages

Historic Sites:

Please note that the West Virginia Division of History and Culture is placing the National Register applications online at:

West Virginia Historic Property Inventory Form
Hampshire County Properties

As a special incentive to our homeowners to consider listing their propterty, we are providing a list of all properties for which an initial "West Virginia Historic Property Inventory Form" has been filed. Please note that some of these forms are quite old and may have to be refiled. The submission of this form is the first step in seeking listing on the National Register of Historic Places. However, it is also important simply as a public listing of the historic value of a property. For places already inventoried, click here. Note this chart is not up to date.


The links below are provided for your assistance in undertaking the application process.

  • NRHP web site The web site of the National Register of Historic Places has information on the reasons for listing and the applicable criteria. The site contains downloadable publications on the register and application process.

  • To download a copy of the Application in computer digital format right click on the link here and then choose "Save Target as" and save the file to your computer.

    Application in MS Word format.
         Application in Word Perfect format

  • The West Virginia SHPO requires a few additional items during the application process. Click here to see the West Virginia Requirements.

  • You may get further information on the registration process from the State Historic Preservation Office.  Contact info is here.